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Paterson Native New Star Inspires Listeners to Stay Woke with His New EP ‘Armless’

Posted: April 26th, 2017 | Author: | Filed under: Audio, Independent, Stream | Tags: , | No Comments » Paterson, New Jersey native New Star releases his latest 6-track EP Armless.  Some hip-hop enthusiast dismiss "conscious" rap music as one of the more boring sub-genres. New Star will not fall into that category. On Armless he is dropping knowledge over quality production giving listeners real food for thought. Armless is not "fake deep rap." It penetrates your soul and inspires you to pay attention to what is going on around you. Tracklisting: Armless...Intro Eenie Meanie Miney Mo Read more

South Jersey Rap-Rocker Ricky Rude Releases His New Music Video For “Start Slow”

Posted: May 5th, 2017 | Author: | Filed under: Independent, Videos | Tags: , | No Comments » This is some real Bonnie and Clyde shit. South Jersey rap-rocker Ricky Rude uses a reverse motion camera effect to tell a story of a bank heist gone wrong. From an artistic perspective it is one of the most creative music videos by a New Jersey-based artists I have seen in recent time. Viewers may replay the video a few times to piece together the puzzle Ricky and Jared Biunno created. Read more

Listen To “Bring It All Back” By Newark, NJ Emcee Internal Quest Prod. By Lanstarr

Posted: November 11th, 2016 | Author: | Filed under: Audio, Independent, Producers, Stream | Tags: , , | No Comments » Music is a hustle. Newark, New Jersey emcee Internal Quest understands this and delivers a fresh track about his drive and motivations. The rap game can be a shady business and Quest warns listeners by rhyming, "The music business is more like science/Watch how you move and who you align with." Similar to what Jay Z expressed on "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)", Internal Quest knows how to move in a room full of vultures. He's made the most of his career with the cards he's been dealt and whatever he puts out, Read more