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Album Review: Chad B, ‘Good Karma’

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Chad B Good Karma Cover
Chad B is poised for super stardom in the rap industry. Within three years, the Newark, New Jersey native has managed to achieve international status. His latest mixtape entitled, Good Karma foreshadows his growing presence within the hip-hop industry.

Many crossover rap artists are usually labeled as “sell-outs” when the majority of their music has more of a commercial appeal. In Good Karma’s opening track, Chad silences his critics with a brief acapella freestyle, displaying his lyrical prowess. After his manifestation of “bars,” Chad shifts the vibe of Good Karma to the nightclub. Deep bass kicks, tinny handclap sounds, and snare drums make songs like “Let Me See,” “Go Girl,” and “Face Down” featuring DJ Spinking and Ron Browz, all radio friendly jams. Good weed, bad bitches, and drunken nights with storybook endings are all components shaping Good Karma. The excitement of being young and successful is a steady theme on the project. “Cashmere N Cognac” contains a sample of Wreckx-N-Effect’s classic, “Rump Shaker,” and tells the story of a movie like night under the influence of alcohol.

Chad explores his guilty pleasures, while utilizing his versatility well. Throughout the mixtape, Chad constantly reminds listeners of his origins in Newark, NJ. He could not have made it any clearer on tracks like “Can’t Believe” and “Tell Em That.” “From the jects to the planes,” Chad started from the bottom, but celebrates his success on “Right Now” and “Let You Know” featuring Tek (Smif-N-Wessun) and fellow New Jersey lyricist David Rush.

Lyrically, Chad is extremely transparent about his struggles and shortcomings in life. On, “Pour It Up,” he raps, “my hustle so Russell/ something gotta give/ late night in my crib/ yo, stuck touching my ribs/ now these niggas bumpin’ my shit.” These revelations indicate why Good Karma has an enjoyable ambiance to it. Chad allows his listeners to participate in the celebration of his accomplishments thus far in the music industry. From the projects to booking tour dates in Dubai, Chad B’s Good Karma foreshadows his ability to achieve substantial success in the hip-hop industry.

Essential tracks:

“Good Karma”

“Can’t Believe”

“Cashmere N Cognac”

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