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DJ Nadus Talks New Jersey Club, Thread, & His Extensive Taste in Music

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There’s an abundance of talent emerging from my city every day.

During the early stages of my teenage years I would close my bedroom door and blast some of the most ratchet, wall thumping New Jersey club music I could find. At the time, I was unaware of how meaningful a sound with heavy loops of whatever was popping in popular culture would be to a particular city in New Jersey. Newark, New Jersey is the birthplace of some of the most influential club DJ’s in the northeast. A DJ known as Nadus is the latest product from this hub for djing and producing talent.

Who is Nadus?

I am Rahson J. Bright Jr. hailing from Newark, NJ (7th Ave to be exact).

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

What do I hope to accomplish with my music? Change, I want to educate, I want to grow. And yes, I want all those amazing music awards.

Tell me a little about your creative process.

My creative process is weird. I can make a track in a day, month, or year. I make almost all of my music off of feeling and what’s around me. I can’t just pump out tracks I don’t feel because they have no real purpose.

What equipment do you use? And, why do you choose the songs you remix?

I use whatever is in front of me. Acid Pro, FL Studio, Ableton or my MPC 2000 XL, that’s about it. My remix selections are sent in on some occasions. But for the most part, I just agree with what’s being said in a song and I’m inspired by the vibe of the music.

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How exactly did you become involved with New Jersey Club music?

I actually started off producing hip-hop after graduating from Newark Boys Chorus School. It worked for me, because the scene was filled with old heads. I could barely attend shit unless I was competing in a beat battle or performing at a show. The Jersey Club vibe was predominately young; I was surrounded by people my age and wouldn’t be excluded from shit. Subsequently, the homie DJ Jayhood encouraged me to pursue club music.

Is it appropriate to categorize you as that kind of DJ/Producer? Because, you’re sound is unlike anything I’ve ever heard by other New Jersey Club DJ.

It’s far from appropriate to categorize me at all. I try to stay away from labels and being put into a box. That’s primarily why my catalog is so far-fetched, and all over the place.

Do you think Sound Cloud is an imperative resource for emerging musicians? How has Sound Cloud benefited you?

Sound Cloud is definitely doing what it’s supposed to do for up and comers. It’s beginning to weed out the whole “numbers” trend and the cliché of “it’s all about who you know.” I know a few people would not know me without it.

According to your Sound Cloud profile, you are a Newark, New Jersey native. What artists should we be familiar with from your city?

There’s an abundance of talent emerging from my city every day. The lack of venues and support of media outlets has limited our exposure.

What are your plans for 2013? And, what advice can you give aspiring producers or DJs?

My plan for 2013 is to improve as an artist. I have collaborated with musicians from every realm. Other than that, I am finishing my debut EP and hosting my regionally celebrated THREAD parties. The best advice I can give is to be original. Don’t have a plan B, be original.

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