Los Lee on Guap Gang, Motivations, and His Operation Takeover 1.5 Mixtape

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By: Shah A.

For several years, Cincinnati, Ohio born and Monmouth County raised Los Lee has been on a vicious grind with his music. Needless to say, it was time for GSHH to get an exclusive interview with the Guap Gang representative. As Wednesday night’s weather produced an onslaught of cold rain shower, Los along with his producer, manager and longtime friend JusKev found refuge at one of Los’ favorite chill spots. Over laughs, Buffalo wings and Coronas, and cheers resulting from the intense NCAA basketball game; Los gave us a microscopic look into his career and the inner workings of his newest project Operation Takeover 1.5.

  • Los what’s good bruh?

Los Lee: Shah what’s good with you bruh?

  • I’m cool. So let’s get started, for the past few months you’ve been dropping video after video (“Automatic” and “What’s Shakin Ho”) what spawned this influx of productions?

Los Lee: I mean it’s just always been about timing. Kev and I have a lot of time on our hands, Shah feel me? Its operation take over!

  • No doubt, so that leads me into my next question. You just dropped Operation Takeover 1.5 what can people expect from you on this one?

Los Lee: It’s on Datpiff right now it will be on the front page on January 6 for a week. Aw man, people can expect “real” rap that’s what they’re gonna get. Also high energy, swag and wittiness. (Laughs) Shit we can go all day with this.

  • Word, I know. What inspired the title Operation Takeover 1.5? How long have you been working on the new project? And what are some tracks and featured artists we should look out for?

“We gone show them that Snooki ain’t all we do.”

Los Lee: What inspired it was the timing man. I couldn’t describe it in any other way…That’s why I’m going to shoot a video next week and keep smacking them. We gone show them that Snooki ain’t all we do. My favorite songs, obviously “What’s Shakin Ho,” that’s my baby man. “Automatic” that features the homies. I got some soulful shit with “How the Game Go” and “High Life,” which features Adonis Star.

  • How Have you grown as an artist since the release of  Welcome to Los Vegas and your album The Patron and Kush Experience?

Los Lee: Aw man, I’ve grown a lot man. Them days we was just doing music, just having fun. My whole mentality has changed; I take it more serious and dealt with things outside of music.

  • You’ve been at it for awhile now, how have you been able to remain current? And what’s the motivation?

“Aw man, the motivation is these wack niggas getting deals.”

Los Lee: Aw man, the motivation is these wack niggas getting deals. As long as they get love I can too! I stay current because the lil’ homies keep me fresh (pause that too). They keep me up-to-date so I know the wave.

  • That’s what it is, so what separates Los Lee from the competition?

Los Lee: Aw man, he got me Kev! Uh, you know that’s a good question. First of all, I’m about to go HAM. This is “reality” rap too. Second, my production I got like four or five producers. My team is monstrous, people like Kev (you know what he do) and Gully who are super talented. I got hungry people behind me; my team is crazy, I love my team.

  • That brings us back to the “Automatic” record. It seems to be getting quite a buzz; it features several artists from the area. How did the idea come about for the song, as well as the collaboration?

Los Lee: Aw man, that’s crazy it wasn’t an idea. Gully hit my phone and said “I got one.” (Laughs) So I get over there and he had one. When I get over there Shah all I hear is the beat and how he snapped on the verse, and I laughed about the hook because of what happened. Then I wrote my verse on spot, then I got Jizzy McKnight (that’s my future), and of course I had to throw my brother Sheed on there to represent his side of things.

  • Okay we’re big on showing love to Jersey here at GSHH, you seem to rep where you’re from heavily in your rhymes. How imperative is that to you to be a spokesman or ambassador for the Natti and Monmouth County?

Los Lee: Aw man, like I’m really not trying to be an ambassador for the Natti because there are people out there doing their thing. But out here it’s imperative because I been at it for awhile god, Shah you know. I know that good things are sure to come (no homo).

  • Word, so who and what is the Guap Gang? And how did it originate?

Los Lee: Aw man, Guap Gang is a family bro. It’s a group of close young men that have known each other for a long time and the people that are new are viewed by the people from the core with respect. We’ve known each other for a long time and keep it “G” with one another.

  • So before we end this interview I noticed you spit about blazing quite often in some of your material. So with that being said… Piff or Dour? Dutch or Relo?

Los Lee: Tss what?! Dour god all day! Relo whaaaat? C’mon god, Dutches are not even in our conversation. (Chuckles) But I actually rolled a Dutch before we came here, (sucks teeth) I was mad as hell. I hate those shits with a passion.

After the debate over who would have the last wing and the bout between Florida and Arizona had come to an end; I had covered some serious ground with Los. His tone and mannerisms were indicative of one who has been immersed in years of hard work, as well as hunger for a career that he knows he is destined for. Though, Los has not reached the pinnacle of his goals just yet, day by day his efforts are showing the public what’s shakin and that is sure to make success automatic.

Check out his latest video “What’s Shakin’ Ho” and for everything Los Lee visit www.LosLee.com

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