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A Shining Star in a Dark City

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A sharp gust of wind came in as DJ Ronnie Rayz made his way into Den 43 studios in Red Bank, New Jersey. Planning to record some drops later on that night, Ron was kind enough to sit down with GSHH and share his story of hard work, accomplishment, and great expectations for his future as a DJ.

A few years ago the business major and football player found himself sitting in a classroom writing down notes from a lecture at Globe Institute. Though he was inspired by the teachings in the classroom, to say that something besides learning about demographics, target market, and revenue was capturing his attention would be an understatement. In February of 2009 Ronnie decided to take all of the money he had been saving and invested it into DJ equipment. Most people would beg the question of why? But to Rayz the decision was nothing less than a no brainer. It was his experiences from spinning at local college parties in New York that gave the young aspiring DJ a thrill that he could not get from business studies. After his encounter with the popular program Sorato and the approval of his peers, Ronnie had decided that being a DJ was his calling.

From the world renowned Funk Master Flex and Mister C to the heavy hitting Camilo, all the way down to the infamous Reef; Ronnie has been inspired by great DJ’s. With popular inspirations such as these, it is no shock that Ronnie has become driven to be a famous DJ. “What drives me is having a packed party and controlling everybody. I’m the center of attention. I’m the reason why everybody is happy”, said Ronnie as he made himself at home in the studio. Playing everything from Hip Hop to Pop, Rayz makes sure that he touches upon every genre and of course the Neptune, New Jersey native sticks to his roots by spinning Jersey Club music. For a DJ selecting the next record to hit the crowd with is always a toss-up, keeping the vibe going is an essential part of the process; which Ronnie has metaphorically described as nothing more than a game. “It’s like a chess game when it comes to selecting that next song”, said Rayz. He has creatively formulated his own personal playlist that he enjoys to start off with for the party. Staring off slow, Ronnie will give the crowd a small taste of R&B with tracks like T- Pain’s “by you a drink” and Diddy’s “I need a girl”. After he sets the tone with the slow jams, he switches up the pace with classics from the nineties and then tosses the people right into the hottest tracks of the year.

Although, being a DJ could be argued as a laid back career in comparison to others; Ronnie keeps a high level of professionalism. From the very moment he finds out about a gig, he ensures that he has a full description of what to expect. Rayz contacts promoters from clubs in order to prepare a playlist that correlates with the crowd. Armed with Sorato, Ronnie sets out to prove that he is the DJ to be called upon to have the party or club on tilt. Backed by Team Reef which includes DJ Reef, Milky Mike, and DJ Overflow, Ronnie’s talents have enabled him to generate a very strong buzz. It would only be right for Ronnie to bless his peers with his new found skill, which is why he has become a known DJ at his new school NJCU. Rayz has basically become the “in house” DJ for his school. He has made his mark at fashion shows, open house, Meet the Greeks, and even the radio station WGKR. He also had the privilege of being the DJ host for the DJ battle that was held at the university. The self-motivating Rayz is continuously coming up with new and innovative ideas to incorporate into his sets; which is earning him praise. “Another DJ can judge me but people may say your good but they really don’t know because they’re not a DJ”, said Ronnie. His thoughts are proof that he takes what he does seriously and that he is set to becoming one of the best DJ’s to place his fingertips on the vinyl. “Scratching is showing off, I got the vinyl cutting it up”, said Rayz.

Approximately one year after starting his career in being a DJ, Rayz has already accomplished a lot. He now has two places that he calls home, The Cameo Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey on Saturday night and Kay’s lounge in Irvington, New Jersey on Wednesday nights. While the NJCU student is finishing up his final months in the Criminal Justice program, he is working on pushing his name and becoming a Hot 97 DJ. For Ronnie there is only two choices, a Heavy Hitter or a Pit-Bull, no exceptions! Before making his way over to the booth to record his drop, Ronnie recalls a brief interaction that he had with Funk Master Flex. “I didn’t want to take a picture with him; I told him that he was going to see me soon. He probably thought I was crazy, but he will see one day”, said Ronnie. If Rayz continues on the road that he is on, Flex just might see him sooner than he thinks.

By: Shah Al-Amin

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