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?nowledge tackles police brutality with visual for “Wilderness of North America”

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?nowledge performing a song at a live show in New Jersey.

In 1988, Chuck D stated that rap music was not just “black people’s CNN” but the main news and information outlet for most American youth. That statement has resonated with many hip-hop artists over the past 32 years and it’s great to introduce them through Garden State Hip-Hop.

Meet ?nowledge (pronounced Knowledge), a rapper originally from Miami, Florida but now residing in New Jersey. His latest music video for “Wilderness of North America” is a pensive assessment of brutality against minorities in the United States. The visual shifts between shots of ?nowledge wandering through the woods to driving his car hoping to avoid the jakes. Each scene is intertwined with clips of peaceful protests denouncing the cruelty ?nowledge raps about.

His awareness is evident with rhymes referring to the Tribes of Shabazz and the consequences of social order. The conclusion of “Wilderness of North America” leaves you with a lot to think about. Take a moment to watch for yourself and get familiar with ?nowledge’s catalog by clicking the links below.

?nowledge online: Instagram

?nowledge’s latest project: From The Darkness Comes Light

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