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Solo For Dolo Releases New Album ‘Professor Chaos’ with Production by Tru Mentillz, Don Producci & Marco Polo

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Solo For Dolo has been a fixture within the New Jersey hip-hop scene for over a decade. His potent lyricism and classic boom bap aesthetic has captivated hip-hop fans throughout the country.

His new album entitled, Professor Chaos was released last week. The 10-track project picks up where he left off on his 2017 album Last Call For Apathy. Solo’s audacious lyrical content is enhanced by self-produced tracks with assists from Tru Mentillz, Don Producci, and Marco Polo.

Professor Chaos digs deeper into Solo’s viewpoint on topics ranging from modern technology to the current political landscape. He’s unabashed in his verbal onslaughts throughout each track, but softened up on the Marco Polo produced song “Memory Lane” which explores his sorrows.

He raps, “Blunted up on memory lane, just hoping it’s gonna bury the pain. Memory lane, pray but forever the same.”

The album begins on a high and ends on a low that leaves listeners yearning for his next musical output. Check out the list of our favorite tracks.

“Modern Age” produced by Tru Mentillz

“Buffalo 66 (In Your Eyes)”

“Invazion of Tha Talking Heads” Featuring Fatboi Sharif

Professor Chaos can be purchased now exclusively through Bandcamp. For updates and more information about Solo For Dolo please refer to the social media links below.

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