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Thank You For Your Support

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What’s up?

It’s been awhile. A lot has happened since I created this platform back in 2009. The publication helped me build meaningful relationships with artists throughout the state and became a gateway into the industry I desperately wanted to be a part of. Although Garden State Hip-Hop never achieved critical acclaim it is the catalyst for my growing career in the music business. Inspired by the music of emerging artists throughout the Tri-State area, I developed skills and a brand that helped me accomplish many goals.

I’m ashamed to admit that over the past 2-3 years the website has experienced a rapid decline. I’ve made every excuse to justify why Garden State Hip-Hop is not consistently updated, regardless of how active I am offline. This publication is the foundation for everything, and I must always take care of home first. Recent life events have put things in its proper perspective as it relates to Garden State Hip-Hop. I got so wrapped up in making a name for myself within the “industry” and growing other people’s brands that I neglected a critical piece of my own.

I still have the passion to write about hip-hop music I love and will make a better effort to push our culture forward with thoughtful content.

My word is bond.

Thank you,

Rodney (Founder of Garden State Hip-Hop)

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