Garden State Hip-Hop Premiere: Parker Caexar of OFFTOP Releases The Music Video For “Honcho”

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Rapper Parker Caexar, an Atlantic Highlands native, gives us a glimpse of his endlessly entertaining world (or, at least, what he imagines it to be) in the new video for his single “Honcho,” which came out earlier this year on his second EP, “JOINTS.”

The video, directed by Peter Noon, features what appears to be a typical day in the life of Parker, with cameos from his friends and colleagues, who band together to make Caexar’s illusions of grandeur a reality.

Riding in convertible mustangs, shirtless under a fur coat; having his hair washed by beautiful women; quickly jumping between NJ and Brooklyn, posse en tow, and providing musical accompaniment for his friends’ general debauchery, are all common place for Caexar, according to this visual. But this is not your typical cocky or pompous rap video, things quickly take a turn for the unusual.

When asked about what he believes this video says about him as an artist, Caexar said “​I think the video does a great job of exemplifying how boastful and larger than life the song is. What ties it up for me is that there’s a scene that takes places as the final bridge plays that juxtaposes the song’s overall braggadocio with a little sadness.”

Caexar is 1/4 of the rap collective OFFTOP, a local group of rowdy rappers known for their wildly entertaining live performances, at which all 4 members are typically shirtless, jumping and/or screaming.

In the “Honcho” video Caexar pokes fun at his and his collective’s non-traditional approach to making traditionally aggressive, upbeat, and catchy rap songs.

Although, the video airs on the side of satire, one undeniable aspect is the genuine and unabashed hype that Caexar’s featured crew consistently provides, which is a true testament to OFFTOP’s general precept to make music that they’d want to listen to.

“​I think this video says I’m just getting started. OFFTOP is just getting started. I think it shows positive creative movement and OT’s ability to make great shit happen. I’m excited for the future,” said Caexar about what the release of “Honcho” means to his career, in conjunction with the collective movement.

You can check out “Honcho” and other videos from OFFTOP on their Youtube channel.

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