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Kosha Dillz & Kyle Rapps Drop A New Track Entitled, “Chump Change”

Posted: April 4th, 2016 | Author: | Filed under: Audio, Independent, Stream | Tags: , , | No Comments » "Everything else is chump change." Self-proclaimed financially conscious emcees Kosha Dillz and Kyle Rapps release this freebie entitled, "Chump Change". The song is produced by Brown Bag All-Stars producer, J57. Kosha's upcoming album What i do all day and Pickle will be available next month or in early June. Be sure to stay connected with Kosha Dillz on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Read more

Video: Kyle Rapps – Black Suburbs

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A common misconception about black kids who grow up in the suburbs is that everything is sweet in our world. Princeton, New Jersey native Kyle Rapps discredits this common theory on “Black Suburbs.” Download his free album SUB right now.

Video: Kyle Rapps – Streets Move On

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Kyle Rapps reflects on the day-to-day trials of many people he comes across. Through pain and hardship the streets move on, but brighter days are on the horizon. Download Kyle Rapps On Air mixtape now.

Video: Kyle Rapps – Bully

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This is the perfect song for all aspiring bullies of the world. “Bully” is off the Kyle Rapps EP, Re-Edutainment.

Video: Kyle Rapps Featuring Talib Kweli – Universe Traveler

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Kyle Rapps hooks up with hip-hop legend Talib Kweli for the lead single off his On Air mixtape.